Antwerp Shopping

Antwerp is the ideal shopping location in Belgium, often referred to as the ‘fashion city’ and home to some famous designers such as Ann Demeulenmeester and the rest of The Antwerp Six. Located a short distance from the Leopold Hotel Antwerp you’ll find an abundance of shops from local stores to high street stores and don’t forget all the amazing markets.

If you want it, you’ll find it in Antwerp. In this magnificent city you will find a wide range of antique shops, designer boutiques, second-hand stores, shopping malls, department stores, ethnic specialties, chocolate shops and markets.

The standard opening hours for shops in this area are 10am – 6pm however on Sunday the majority of shops will be closed.

Shopping Areas


The most well known shopping area in Antwerp is Meir, located just minutes from the Central Station and the Leopold Hotel, it is known as the busiest shopping street in all of Belgium. A mixture of high street store and local boutique shops.

The Fashion District

Here you will find the Flanders Fashion Institute, the Fashion Museum and the Fashion Academy of Antwerp, it is a key area in why Antwerp has become known as the fashion city, here you will find big designers name and local designers shops, such as a few of the Antwerp Six’ stores.

Historic City Centre

The original fashion district is Antwerp, known though out Belgium for over 300 years. Here you will find vintage stores, antiques and superb cafes.


Exotic Market

The Exotic Market is held weekly; here you will find both local and exotic products from Turkey, Morocco and southern specialties.

Where: Oudevaartplaats, Theaterplein and the surrounding area

When: Saturdays, from 8am-4pm.

Antiques Market

You will find Antiques Market’s running all weekend in Antwerp, each in different areas of the city. At these markets you will find old furniture and small antiques being put up for Auction.

Friday: Vrijdagmarkt, 9am to 1pm

Saturday: Lijnwaadmarkt, 9am to 5pm

Sunday: Sint-Jansvliet, 9am to 5pm


Lambermontmarte is an art market in the south district of Zuid. Artists from different mediums take part in this markets such as painters, photographers, sculptors and more. In addition to these displays this market also plays liveacoustic sets.

When: Sunday, May to September


Rubens Market

Rubens market takes place once a year and brings you back to the 17th century to the time of the Famous Painter Reuben. All of the stallholders dressed in clothes of that era.

Where: Grote Markt and surroundings

When: August 15, from 8 am to 10 pm

Diamond District

Antwerp’s Diamond District is also known as the Diamond Quarter or The Square Mile and located 5 minutes walk from the Leopold Hotel. The largest diamond centre in the world which it is estimated over 80% of the world’s diamonds pass through.

If you are looking to add a little sparkle to your life the price of diamonds here can be significantly less than in many other countries.

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