Lobster Bar in Antwerp

Posted on 25-01-2016 at 15:01:35

With the first blog of 2016, Team Leopold Hotel Antwerp would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We hope 2016 will bring you lots of joy, health and happiness.

In this blog, we are going to inform you about the very first 'Lobster Bar', which is coming soon to our beautiful Antwerp! The news has been confirmed today, and we are very excited to share this news with you.
Soon the first Lobster Bar will open in the old town of Antwerp. Located at the Kaasstraat. This new trend in food has crossed the Atlantic Ocean - from New York to London and now Antwerp is next. The concept is inspired by lobster rolls, which can be found at the New York Chelsea Market.

The idea of this Lobster Bar is to get rid of the common idea about lobster and its preparation. Here you can have a 'Quick Bite' lobster, or get lobster as a take-away. Next to the traditional steamed lobster, the restaurant will also serve gourmet burgers. This way people who don't like lobster, will get the chance to visit this trendy new place in Antwerp.

The Lobster Bar in Antwerp will open shortly. Want to get more ideas where to eat? Don't hesitate asking our Front Desk upon arrival or during your stay with us. We are always happy to help you.

Looking forward welcoming you into Leopold Hotel Antwerp in 2016!
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